Choose a Starter and a Main Course for 14.95


Poh Pia - Vegetarian Thai spring roll, served with sweet chilli sauce

Prawn Toast - Marinated minced prawns topped toast coated with sesame seeds & sweet chilli sauce

Gai Lot - Deep fried pieces of succulent chicken


Main Courses

Pad Him Maparm - stir fried cashew nuts, onion, mushrooms & pepper

Pad Kraphaw - stir fried chilli, garlic, onion & basil

Pad Nam Man Noi - stir fried with oyster sauce & fresh vegetables

Gaeng Kari - Yellow curry with coconut milk, onions, potato, fried shallots

Gaeng Keow Wan - Green curry with coconut milk & fresh vegetables

Gaeng Deng - Red curry with coconut milk & fresh vegetables


With your choice of Chicken, Beef or Tofu